Main Cast

The Premise:

In the tiny lake-side town of Chipmunk Bay we follow the humorous adventures of five close friends as they react to whatever situation life throws at them. Except then one of them dies in an ironically divine meteor incident, so now it’s just four close friends reacting to whatever adventures life throws at them. Well, ok, now that the police have found and returned a long lost and forgotten son to them, it’s actually now four friends and a kid having adventures. Also there’s a talking monkey. Adventure!

Meet the Cast!


A 26 year old who has never grown up. Socially stunted, he is an art history major who works at a gas station. His ‘10-year plan’ consists solely of waiting 10 years and then selling his comic book collection. He hopes one day to meet a woman, get married & have sex.


Being the child-hood friend of Kaigon means that Shawn is just as socially awkward. He has found a coping mechanism, however: creating a clone of himself which he then beats the crap out of whenever he himself does something socially stupid. The internet is his life, and the internet is porn.

Ninja Monkey

An Inexplicable creation of Kaigon’s, Ninja Monkey spends his time following Kaigon and his friends around and ridiculing them and their lives as a way of thanking Kaigon for giving him life. Nobody seems all too surprised by the fact that he’s a talking monkey.


An older friend of Kaigon’s, Jacob is married to Karen and apparently has a son named Watterson that both of them forgot all about for 5 years. He owns the house they all share and charges rent to the others. Especially Shawn, because that guy’s a @#$%ing weirdo.


Wife of Jacob, Karen doesn’t see why her son is still so bitter about their not remembering that they’d had a son and that he was missing for 5 years. Despite this, she tries to be a good mom and instill good values in her son, turning to the bible for help. Also, Jacob’s penis is too small.


The lost son returns! Watterson does his best to be a good son, possibly to avoid being lost and forgotten again, and makes every effort to follow the values laid out in the bible like his mom wants. Unfortunately, he continues to turn to his dad for clarification on it’s teachings, so he’s a little messed up.

Meet the Supporting Cast!


Kaigon’s lesbian co-worker. She’s digs the nerd culture, and would totally do Kaigon if only he didn’t have that penis.


Cloney is an inexplicably created clone of Shawn, existing only to be a punching bag for Shawn. He’s now in an insane asylum for thinking he’s a clone.


Kidnapping humans to use as pets in an attempt to pick up chicks, they’ve made a deal with Shawn to trade tecnology for his clones. Also they’re dinosaurs.


Turns out God has a fantastic sense of humor; it just happens to be pretty dark. After killing Bryce as a joke, God hangs out with Bryce in Heaven to show that they’re still ‘cool’.


Bryce pissed me off by not having a good personality so God killed him with a meteor and then Aliens blew up his grave. SO DON’T PISS ME OFF.

Dr. Proctor

Shawn’s crazy psychiatrist. I wish I had made him look different. Maybe a hot chick in a bikini, or a robot or snowman or something.