Great Idea

Great Idea

So my site got hit with a malware infection recently, and I had to delete and reupload everything. Many thanks to Juan for helping me realize there was a problem and pointing out where it was.

The end result is that I’m malware free again, but the website’s content is maybe half here at the moment. It’s going to take a couple weeks of slowly putting my archives back together, and some of the sections, like the ‘New Reader’, or half the ‘Extras’ links are probably going to stay busted even longer. I’ve been toying with a new design that I was going to just slap on here, but since I need to start rebuilding from the ground up anyway, I’ll probably just roll that into a new site build instead.

I’m in no particular hurry to get that done, so comics should still keep coming. I’ll get the broken stuff fixed as I have time.


Regarding today’s comic; it’s a tribute to the old stickmen comics I used to draw as a kid. I usually had 3 pens / markers… a black pen that I’d draw the background with, and then a red and blue pen for the various colored stickmen who’d then kill each other by throwing knives, shooting bazookas, driving tanks, etc.

I had notebooks filled with them, and they morphed from single sheet scenes to notebook-spanning epic storylines, and were the direct link between simply drawing to drawing comics.

I really wish I’d have kept some.  :\